Issue One

XY&Z is a periodic digital magazine about who we are beyond labels and acronyms. A place to revel in the grey areas, third cultures, queer experiences and underrepresented intersections.

Each issue is led by a guest editor, who curates the content based on the things they love, their people, and the parts of who they are that are tough to articulate. The mission of this format is to create a platform that, like us, is endlessly varied and always being reimagined. It also allows us to avoid asking anyone to fit in a box, or represent an entire group alone.

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XY&Z Issue One was curated by Ramzy Masri, founder of XY&Z. Editorial direction and editing by Sarah Burke and Leila Ettachfini. Creative direction by Ramzy Masri and web development by Ritu Ghiya and Neta Bomani. Special thanks to all of our contributors, as well as Katherine Bowers and Diane Paik.

Issue One Contributors: